What is the range of my Bosch eBike Battery?

What is the range of my Bosch eBike Battery?

Bosch eBike Battery range depends on a number of factors. Some of these factors include the following:

  • The capacity of the battery. For example 400 versus 500 versus 625Wh.

Bosch’s 625Wh PowerTube is the industry standard for battery life versus size.

  • Which model of Bosch motor your bike is equipped with. For example an Active Line Plus versus a Performance Line motor.
  • The weight and fitness of the rider. A lighter and fitter rider will use less battery.
  • How steep the terrain is. Steeper terrain will drain your battery faster.

Bosch eBike Battery Range

To estimate your battery range more accurately Bosch and Moustache have developed a battery range estimator.

Here are some general tips regarding the Bosch eBike Battery’s range:

  1. Battery range is effected by environmental conditions such as a very windy day. In windy conditions the motor works harder to propel you forwards.
  2. Additional electrical devices connected to the battery use more battery, for example front and rear lights.
  3. For mountain bikes with Magic Tour (Tour+) and eMTB mode, estimating the range on this mode is difficult due to its progressive assistance. On average eMTB mode is closest to Sport mode.
  4. Looking after your battery will ensure its range for a long period of time. You can find more information on caring for your battery here.
  5. If you’re planning on storing your battery click here to learn about the best conditions for battery storage.
  6. Bosch batteries are built for the long haul! Some ChargeAbout Australia/New Zealand customers have covered over 20,000 kilometres and their batteries are still going strong.

Still want to learn more?

Bosch eBike Battery range is best in class. We know at ChargeAbout Australia from real-world experience how good these batteries are. If you have questions about how long your battery will last don’t hesitate to contact us.

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