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Australia’s finest collection of eBikes
ChargeAbout Australia

ChargeAbout Australia established a nationwide dealer network in 2021. We proudly distribute Moustache eBikes from Golbey, France. Moustache was one of the first brands to use Bosch's highly acclaimed eBike Systems over 10 years ago, and their close partnership continues to this day.

Moustache eBikes

Moustache's huge range of eBikes are a knockout. These stylish yet functional bikes are designed by Emmanuel Antonot, Moustache’s co-founder and obsessive cyclist. Moustache's range includes bikes for all purposes, from enduro mountain biking to conquering the daily commute.

Bosch eBike Systems

All of our Moustache eBikes run Bosch eBike systems, which are widely considered the best systems on the market. Bosch's products are renowned for their reliability, efficiency and smooth operation. ChargeAbout Australia are proud to partner with Bosch.

The ChargeAbout Australia story

Australia’s finest collection of eBikes

Greetings! I’m Campbell Read, founder of ChargeAbout Australia, ChargeAbout Queenstown, and eBike Studio New Zealand.

In 2012 when the notion of eBikes was presented to me, alongside most avid cyclists I thought the idea was rather daft.

I have been biking my whole life, from doing a paper run as a kid in Tapanui, West Otago, to discovering mountain biking in the 80s. I regarded the ‘push’ bike to be rather perfect, so why muck it up by lashing a motor to it!

Then in 2012 while working in Queenstown, I enjoyed riding daily on the new Queenstown Trail from Kelvin Heights to Arrowtown. Despite the stunning scenery I couldn’t believe how few cyclists were using the trails.



I soon understood that an e-Bike would open up a world of riding for people of all ages and fitness levels. Eager to share my passion for riding these beautiful trails I started ChargeAbout Queenstown, a network of rental eBikes with charging stations at my favourite cafes and wineries. My motto for ChargeAbout Queenstown and eBike Studio NZ is Ride Together. After all, good times are made even better when shared. 



The search was then on for the finest eBike available.  This took me to the massive international bike show Eurobike in Germany. It was at Eurobike that I met Greg and Emmanuel, the founders of Moustache Bikes. 

In 2012 these two guys saw the future of eBikes as being the ultimate in fun, as well as embracing green technology. They then set about designing and manufacturing the finest eBikes bar none.

Not wanting to part with their country roots, Greg and Emmanuel started Moustache right where their families reside, which is in the small country town of Epinal in the Vosges region of France.

Our first shipment of Moustache bikes in 2013 were the first Bosch eBikes to land in NZ, as well as Moustache’s first international exports! Since then we’ve continued to appreciate their stellar eBikes and incredible customer service.

My first ride on a Moustache with its Bosch motor was a pivotal moment. Until then I had ridden Chinese made eBikes with hub motors.  These were fun but inefficient (they were unable to climb steep hills, and often their reliability was dubious to say the least). Since the first Moustache eBike arrived in NZ in 2014 every single one is still Charging About today.



After nearly a decade of Moustache growing year on year in New Zealand, the time was right to head across the ditch. With a national dealer network, ChargeAbout Australia gives Australians access to the finest eBikes in the world.



In 2015 we inspired Moustache to create for us what has become NZ’s best selling eBike, the Moustache Xroad. This idea came from the desire to have a bike with all the conveniences of an urban ride; guards, lights, kickstand and carrier but with mountain bike capabilities to ride in comfort and control on our gravel trails. The Xroad is perfectly suited to New Zealand’s Rail Trails and the magnificent Alps2Ocean.

With its introduction to the Australian market, the Xroad is the perfect bike to tackle all of your riding, from the daily commute to more adventurous riding on the weekend. It’s also the perfect companion for epic Australian trails such as the Orange 360, Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, and the High Country Rail Trail.

Imitation is a form of flattery, and while other brands scramble to ride the wave of the Xroad, none compare to Moustache.