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Moustache Clementine 45L Pannier Set



The Moustache Clementine 45L Pannier Set (90L of total capacity) is an extra-wide pannier that’s specifically designed for the Lundi 20 range. The strong and waterproof panniers can be packed away when not in use using the long velcro straps, and in addition the straps can be adjusted to hold your luggage more securely. 

When the panniers are attached to your Lundi 20 there’s no need to take them off to seat your passengers as they fold away easily. The panniers are sold as a single unit, however we recommend using two for equal weight distribution. 
  • High capacity of 45 L (these panniers will fit your weekly shopping with ease)
  • Good stability when used as a pair
  • Easy to fill
  • Waterproof
  • Wide reflective bands for increased safety
  • Folds completely when empty so passengers can use the footrests on the rear rack
  • Mounts on luggage racks with standard attachments

Compatible Bikes:

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