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Moustache Frida MIK 33L Crate



The Moustache Frida MIK 33L Crate is the ideal partner for your daily journeys aboard the Lundi 20. The Frida is incredibly practical thanks to its MIK mounting system. It attaches and removes from the Magnum Front Rack in seconds. The MIK system also swivels, enabling you to fix Frida in the position you need. You can also mount the Frida on the rear of your Lundi 20, as well as the Xroad range.


  • 33 L capacity
  • 100% water-resistant, easy clean
  • Fixes in one click thanks to the included MIK mount
  • Compatible with all MIK and MIK HD racks (this includes the rear rack on the Lundi 20 and Xroad models, as well as the Magnum Front Rack)
  • Practical to store
  • Euro standard (40 x 30cm)

Compatible Bikes:

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