Why would you buy a $6000 eBike and not a $2000 eBike?

Why would you buy a $6000 eBike and not a $2000 eBike?

Keith Bontrager is a legend of the bike industry. His saying ’Strong, light, cheap, pick two’ is as true today as it was in 1985.

The ‘strong, light, cheap, pick two’ question applies perfectly to purchasing a cheap eBike. We’d also add reliability, ease of maintenance, and customer service into the mix. When you purchase a Moustache eBike, you’re buying a bike with the best eBike system on the market. On top of this, you’re getting best in class frames and components.

The Moustache Game 10 is the pinnacle in eMTB performance – as evidenced by the fact it’s eMTB World Champion Jerome Gilloux’s bike of choice!

Let’s start with the big question, why don’t we sell any ‘cheap’ eBikes? The simple answer is we want to set you up with a bike for life. We don’t want to sell you something you’ll replace in a couple of years. In our opinion, there’s too much of a quality drop off at the lower end of the market for the cheapest eBikes to be sustainable. Read on to find out why even our lowest priced bikes are built for the long haul.

Just ride it!

The proof of a fine eBike is in the ride. Go for a ride on one of our eBikes and you will know the difference!  A fine eBike is a combination of thoughtful ergonomics for superior comfort and handling, useful features, and quality component selection.

Made to last components:

Bosch, the inventor of the spark plug AND the pedal-assist eBike system, remain leaders in eBike technology.  The Bosch system is smart, reliable, quiet and efficient. We go into detail about why ChargeAbout Australia only stocks Bosch powered eBikes here. A quick google will also confirm that Bosch is highly rated. Can the same be said about a motor and battery brand you’ve never heard of?

Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch’s eBike Systems are best in class.

If you take a look at any of the bikes on this website, you’ll see component manufacturers you know and trust. Shimano, SRAM, Fox, and RockShox are all brands that are supported worldwide. The Just Moustache components that feature across our range are also fantastic products that we’ve discussed here. When you have a look at the components that come on ‘cheap’ eBikes you’ll notice the components aren’t household names. As a result, who knows how durable these products are?

2020 Samedi 27 Trail 10

A 2020 Moustache Trail 10 with components from Fox, Shimano and Just Moustache.

Support across the whole of Australia:

What if there was a problem with one of our bikes? Whilst this is unlikely with our Bosch systems (some of our customers have ridden over 25,000 kilometres) it can happen. If you were unlucky enough to have an issue you’d have the support of an Australian operated business staffed by passionate riders. We want to get you back out there riding! As mentioned previously, the components on our bikes are guaranteed by the manufacturer’s warranty. In the unlikely event of a warranty, we can arrange replacement parts quickly and easily for you.

Strong, light, cheap, pick two

A Moustache bike is prepared for shipping by a professional mechanic in their Vosges Factory in France.

Some eBikes claim to have the same motor output and battery power as our Bosch powered eBikes. Whilst the ‘numbers’ may be similar, the reality can be quite different. We know of eBike systems claiming higher torque ratings than the Bosch CX, however go for a quick comparison ride and you will feel which has the strongest drive the instant you pedal, Bosch!  Whilst the power of the motor and the Wh measurement of the battery are important, the overall performance of the system is dictated by how effectively and efficiently it runs. Another important factor is the longevity of the system over time. eBike batteries aren’t cheap, so if you’re going to be replacing one every couple of years it’ll add up!

Bosc eBike Systems

Bosch’s eBike batteries are the smartest on the market.

Often the focus on the motor and battery numbers is done to cover up cost-cutting elsewhere. eBikes are heavier than regular bikes, so the mechanical disc brakes that are stocked on low-end eBikes simply won’t do the job. Cheap bearings and poor quality wheels might feel fine initially, but you’ll be in for a shock the first time you get a service.

Best in class servicing:

Here in Australia all of our Moustache Bikes are assembled by professional mechanics with years of experience. Many of the cheaper eBike brands will ship the bike straight to your door, leaving you to put together the finished product. When you pick up your brand new Moustache you can ride away confident that an expert mechanic has tuned your bike to perfection.

We’re not hiding from the fact there are cheaper eBikes out there but what we set out to achieve is to provide you with the ultimate ‘fit for purpose’ eBike you will be passionate about and enjoy riding for many years. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Moustache bikes.