What are the eMTB and Magic Tour modes on my eMTB?

What are the eMTB and Magic Tour modes on my eMTB?

One of the best things about mountain biking is that you’re never sure what’s coming up. Around every turn could be some slippery roots, a steep climb, or an obstacle you need to get on the pedals for. The eMTB and Magic Tour modes were specifically developed for mountain bike riding. eMTB mode was the first progressive assistance mode offered by Bosch, and it’s a game changer for the unpredictable nature of riding on the trails. Magic Tour mode is the result of another collaboration between Moustache and Bosch, but more on that later. If you want to estimate the range you’ll get out of your Moustache eBike depending on your exact conditions, check out the Bosch Range Calculator.

eMTB and Magic Tour

There are four modes that come on a Moustache eMTB, including two progressive modes.

How many assistance modes are there for Mountain Biking?

The current Bosch eBike System for mountain biking has four modes – Eco, Tour, eMTB, and Turbo. Three of these modes are linear, meaning that the assistance offered is consistent and predictable depending on how much power the rider is putting in. eMTB mode is progressive, meaning the assistance varies depending on the terrain and rider input.

The assistance mode is specified on your display.

Eco Mode:

The first mode on offer is Eco mode. Eco mode is as the name suggests, economical. This mode offers 50 percent additional assistance on top of what the rider is putting in. How this feels in practice compared to a regular bike is like you’ve got really good legs that day. Eco mode allows you to ride with riders on regular bikes.

Tour Mode:

The next mode is Tour mode. Tour mode offers an additional 120 percent of power. It’s a noticeable step up from Eco, however there are some situations on a mountain bike (for example a technical climb) where the assistance offered isn’t enough. On the other side of the coin, Tour can sometimes offer too much assistance on the flats if you’re wanting to conserve your battery.

eMTB Mode:

eMTB is the third mode offered by Bosch, and this mode is the way to go for when you’re riding on the dirt if you want to get the most out of your eBike. This mode offers progressive assistance from 120 percent (essentially Tour mode) all the way up to the maximum 300 percent assistance offered by Turbo mode.

eMTB mode gives you maximum traction on technical climbs.

On the trail eMTB mode works fantastically. When you’re soft pedalling to maintain traction on a tricky climb, the motor doesn’t spin you out like it would in Turbo mode. If you’re putting down the watts on a flat section of trail though, the motor gives you everything it’s got.

On top of the variable assistance, eMTB mode makes use of the Bosch Performance Line CX’s 85nm of torque with a feature called Extended Boost. Extended Boost works by keeping the motor engaged for a fraction of a second longer after you’ve put a crank in. This works wonders on technical climbs where you’re half cranking to get up and over obstacles by pulling you over the top.

Turbo Mode:

As we mentioned, the last mode is Turbo, which offers a laughable 300 percent assistance on top of what you’re putting in. Whilst it’s fun to whizz up steep roads at 25 kilometres per hour, on the trail that amount of unrestrained power can be dangerous, which makes eMTB mode a much better choice once you’re off the tarmac.

What about Magic Tour mode?

Whilst the eMTB mode Moustache helped to develop with Bosch has been critically acclaimed and used by every other eBike brand using a Bosch Motor, Moustache wanted to create a second progressive mode that allowed you to go further on a single battery.

Magic Tour offers greater range than eMTB.

Magic Tour offers less initial assistance (more like Eco), but riders will still be able to use the motor’s full capacity when necessary (for example on a steep climb or sprint). This will increase a bike’s range, and ensure riders aren’t ‘wasting’ power when they’re riding on flat terrain and don’t require much assistance from the motor.

During testing, riding in Magic Tour as opposed to eMTB mode, riders saved between 15 to 25% more battery life. It even saved a couple of percent over regular Tour mode, despite giving riders access to the maximum amount of assistance when necessary!

How do I get Magic Tour mode on my bike?

All eMTB models coming into Australia will be pre-programmed with Magic Tour mode. If you own an older Moustache with a Performance Line CX Motor, you can take your bike to your local Moustache dealer to have the software updated.

Overall, Bosch’s four modes of assistance offer a broad spread of options. For mountain biking, Magic Tour and eMTB mode are fantastic for putting the bike in one mode and leaving it for your whole ride. If you’re planning a truly epic day on the bike Eco mode is fantastic, and Turbo mode is great for those one-hour rides where you’re sessioning a descent via a tarmac climb.

You’ll be having fun both uphill and downhill aboard your Moustache eMTB.

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