Why does ChargeAbout Australia stock only Bosch powered eBikes?

Why does ChargeAbout Australia stock only Bosch powered eBikes?

Back in 2013 the ChargeAbout Australia/New Zealand team attended Eurobike, the world’s largest bicycle trade show. This is where we discovered the Bosch powered eBike. We rode every eBike system and nothing compared to the Bosch powered eBike with its intuitive ride, simple display, and classy looks.

Bosch powered eBike

As a result of the trip to Eurobike, ChargeAbout Australia/New Zealand imported the first shipment of Bosch powered eBikes into New Zealand in 2014. Since then our Bosch equipped Moustache eBikes have been reliable and high performing. For 2021 we’re bringing Moustache to Australia through select dealers!

Why is the Bosch motor system so good?

Bosch is the largest producer of electronic goods for the automotive industry. Their eBike systems are the result of world leading engineering and innovation.

Bosch powered eBike

The Bosch Battery – remarkable longevity!

With all the Moustache eBikes imported since 2014, we’ve only had three batteries with issues retaining their charge. Two of these riders had covered over 20,000km commuting to work!

As a side note, these riders have saved over $12,000 in car running costs. This is based on a New Zealand AA report estimating the running cost of a compact car at $0.62 per km. You can read more about the range of our Bosch powered eBikes here

The Bosch BMS:

At the core of Bosch’s batteries is the BMS (Battery Management System). Most eBike brands claim to use high quality cells in their batteries from the likes of Panasonic or Samsung. Despite the undoubted quality of these brands, this means very little if the cells aren’t kept cool.

Bosch’s BMS has an individual monitor on every cell in the battery. If the BMS senses a cell overheating it shifts the load to other cells. This maintains a consistent battery temperature. A consistent battery temperature not only assists with the longevity of each battery cycle, but also how long a battery will last in the long term. 

The Bosch Motor – Ultimate Efficiency:

In 2010 Bosch invented the Pedal Assist System. The three-stage torque sensor results in an intuitive riding experience. Power assistance comes on smoothly, without any of the surging you can experience on other systems. We encourage you to try other systems to compare with the Bosch’s intuitive ride.

Other drive systems have higher torque ratings but we firmly believe that the Bosch system delivers the best torque delivery. Bosch delivers smooth power across all speeds and motor settings. With a Bosch motor you’re rewarded with smooth power delivery at all cadences, not the jolts of power other motors are prone to. 

Bosch powered eBike

Bosch’s incredible reliability:

At ChargeAbout Queenstown (the rental arm of ChargeAbout Australia/New Zealand) we’ve had hundreds of rental eBikes riding on gravel. After each season we have the confidence to sell these bikes and include our own warranty as we know there’s likely to be no issues for years to come. We believe every one of these ex-rentals is still going strong today!